One of the truest pleasure I get as director of TOXIC TUTU is to receive occasional comments about the film from our fans.

TOXIC TUTU is a fan film first. This is a comment recently sent by Bob Larsen who I met at Shock Stock Horror Film and Convention! Thank you, Bob!

"I had arrived late on the Saturday night for Shock Stock 2017, last May.  As the convention was closing, I happened to run into Joe Nardelli, who was just passing in one of the halls.  Joe said he'd heard about me and was anxious to meet the guy who watched and judged the films for Shock Stock.  Mark Torgl showed up, shortly after and Joe introduced me to him.  Mark was a great guy.  It was awesome to meet him. 

I had the opportunity to review Joe's film, "Toxic Tutu," prior to it's submission to Shock Stock.

As I started watching this film (and I told both Joe and Mark this), it seemed like the movie was simply another documentary...

I was so wrong!

It was great!

With some of the most amazing cameos and craziest plot twists, this film had me on the edge.  I had to watch it to the end.  This is definitely a "must see" for any true Troma fan.