Mark Torgl, Melvin the "Mop Boy" and star of the original cult-classic, horror comedy THE TOXIC AVENGER, unexpectedly resurfaces at his first ever horror convention following a thirty-year absence with the promise to tell his fans a profound secret. Before he can get the words out Torgl is abducted.

His abduction triggers a rumor mill. Were real toxic wastes used on the set of the original film? Was Torgl harmed in some way? Beleaguered fans mobilize to hunt down and rescue Torgl, eager to learn what he has to tell them.

Torgl's determination to reveal the truth falls short, but doesn't discourage fan love. His own quest - to find the source of the precious toxic substance located in a mysterious oasis somewhere in the marshlands of New Jersey - leads the “Mop Boy" to a chance encounter with his deific creator, Lloyd Kaufman, and the thirty-year mystery is solved.

Director: Joe Nardelli
Length: 83 Minutes/Color
Format/s: Blu-Ray, DVD and DCP

Canadian Premier: May 6th, 2017 at SHOCK STOCK Film Festival in London, Ontario Canada

Starring: Mark Torgl, Lloyd Kaufman, Jonny Fairplay and Frank Messina.

Special appearances by original cast members of the “The Toxic Avenger” including: Dominic “Skippy” Calvitto, Gary “Bozo” Schneider, Rob “Slug” Prichard and Sarabel “Toxie’s Mom” Levinson who appears in her last silver screen performance.

Guest Appearances by: Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Mel Novak, Schawn C. Phillips, Diana Prince, Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant, Nadia White, Nicola Fiore, Genoveva Rossi, Jeremy Ambler, Melissa Joyce, Oxana Lovitch, Burt Culver and introducing “Tutu Joe” Nardelli.

Updated 11-13-2017