Origins of: An Almost True Story!

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"An Almost True Story: TOXIC TUTU" is a FAN film. Made with the intention of honoring the iconic, cult-classic film THE TOXIC AVENGER and its makers TROMA Entertainment and Lloyd Kaufman it's creator.

Mark Torgl who portrays the original main character Melvin the "Mop Boy" never made a convention appearance. In fact, Mark stayed almost completely out of public view as the 98 pound weakling he brought to life, even as his dedicated fan base grew over the last three decades.

When Mark was contacted by the organizers of the Mad Monster Party to be their celebrity guest in 2013, he thought it over then called his best friend from NYU to join him and document the event on what would be a memorable weekend - that lasted five years. 

A simple home movie venture turned into its own classic story and feature film. Producers dodged police, permits and the film commissions of eight states, while stealing backgrounds at every convention they could get into.

Footage was filmed and sent in from the UK and Canada. The production involved hundreds of eager, law breaking TROMA fans who wanted to help in every capacity imaginable even if - in the TROMA tradition, they knew nothing about filmmaking!

Horror and cosplay conventions are the backdrop of TOXIC TUTU. And when your not seeing a convention you definitely get the impression that everyone in the movie came from a convention, representing a culture little seen by the outside world.

Additionally, its producers took complete advantage (with the blessing of TROMA) to meticulously include scenes from the original TOXIC AVENGER, out of order and manipulated specifically to embellish a "profound secret" that has long since been hidden by the creators.

However, facts linked to Torgl's obscurity are far from fiction and give THE TOXIC AVENGER a spin never considered before. So bizarre and far-fetched that TOXIC TUTU's director refers to his own creation as a "Mocku•Mystery".

Further, TROMA Entertainment - a beloved New York City independent film production company now in business for over 44 years celebrated the world premier of RETURN TO RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH A.K.A. Vol. 2 at Cannes in May 2017. Raising hell with the media and the political exploits of the US government by advocating on the behalf of all artists against  "NET NEUTRALITY".

TROMA is arguably the most persistent and enduring AUTHENTIC independent film studio establishment in the world, giving TOXIC TUTU instant street credibility as an indie film among TROMA fans, and SOON the world!

There is no higher honor than to receive support from TROMA itself, whose work has been adulated and criticized, mocked, condemned and revered as indie creme-de-la-creme of filmmaking for decades.

TOXIC TUTU is an experiment that came together as a feature film based on a dumb ass idea. There was no script. Which was really stupid! There was no predictable consistency in cast or crew, which is so anti-Hollywood it was unimaginable. Yet, the inertia of the film coming together at all, was purely because of the love of fans, the persistence of the absent minded director, Mark Torgl's dedication to the project and the insane generosity of TROMA Entertainment who opened their butt holes farting endlessly hoping they would finally stink us out of their office for good!

The making of TOXIC TUTU has been an incredible journey for everyone involved. One that we believe TOXIC AVENGER fans will criticize for years to come. Early indications of this became so clear during our world premier at Mad Monster Party in South Carolina last March when over a hundred fans turned out to meet Mark who farted his way to stage as they followed the green vaporous ooze coming out of his butt, and in person showed their love and mindless dedication on that very special reunion day exactly four years from the date all the chaos began.

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