Melvin Says!

Hi all! Mark Torgl (Melvin) here! What a long strange trip it's been. When Mad Monster Party Convention contacted me 4 years ago to participate as a guest celebrity because of my starring role in the cult film "The Toxic Avenger" I never knew what a crazy journey this would start. When Film Director Joe Nardelli agreed to go along to film me at my first ever convention, it started the making of An Almost True Story "Toxic TuTu!" (Whatever became of The Toxic Avenger's Melvin The Mopboy!) This labor of love feature is a fan made film 4 years in the making. Almost all the actors and crew are Toxic Avenger/Troma fans and it is their love and support that enabled this film to get made.  The premier of Toxic TuTu March 25th at the convention that started it all, Mad Monster Party was a toxerific success! Lots of love all around, Toxic Tutu earned the Mad Monster Audience Favorite Award!  Next Shock Stock in London Ontario May 6th, our Canadian Premier earned Toxic Tutu the Jury's Pick Award. And Toxic Tutu just screened at The Fantastic Film Festival in October and won 3 awards, Best Actor, Mark Torgl, Best Supporting Actor, Lloyd Kaufman, and Best Supporting Actress, Genoveva Rossi. Toxic Tutu was also nominated for Best Feature Comedy. Thank you for taking the time to check out our web site, and as always, "You Mop!"